Next steps

When you are trying to make changes for your health some things work well and some things take more time to put into place.

Some things you try may not work at all for you, at first – talk to your healthcare team and family about how they can support you to help you find what is best for you.

Checking in is important and bring the people who support you on your health journey.

“So, in a way with health, whether it’s your heart, or your brain, or whatever, it’s not easy… you’ve got to go through a maze, and you’re sort of wading through before you can get somewhere.”

– Community member

“They sat down and they had these really culturally, colourful little brochures, glossy brochures that they were able to – we’d sit down and there was a little plan that you would write on and you would take it home and you’d write on it and then you bring that back.”

– Community member

“This is what stuck with me, that he was naturally curious, and he actually asked me, “What are the challenges, to you, getting a screen right here, right now?” Instead of giving me a lecture what he was saying was, “What can I do to help you to consider a screen?”

– Community member