Weigh up the odds

There are different ways that you can improve your heart health. There will be good and bad things about each of these options.

Think about which heart health options are best for you, your personal circumstances and what support you have from family, friends and your community.

What about these options might work for you?

Talk about these options with your health professional.

“She told me the pros and cons of it and the cost of it because it wasn’t covered …the effects of it. I didn’t do much research into it and then when she explained it to me from A to B, then it kind of made sense”

– Community member

“I had a bad reaction from the first one… Of course, we all Google things. And I thought, “Not doing it again”. I took the next shot, and it was fine – I didn’t have any reaction… I think people need to take responsibility for their own health. Not be victims.”

– Community member

“You can ask questions. What are my options? What are the benefits and harms? How likely are they to happen to me?”

– Community member